Is it possible to reduce rent payment during the quarantine?
Quarantine in Ukraine caused prohibition or significant restrictions for many businesses. Companies working in entertainment, catering, tourism, logistics and retail got affected the most. Tenants cannot use the leased property to the full extent. What to do with the rent that the landlords continue to charge?

During quarantine the Ukrainian Government changed the regulation of the rent issue several times. The latest changes were introduced into the Civil Code of Ukraine by adopting the Law # 553-IX dated 13 April 2020.

The law established that circumstances because of which the tenant is not able to use the leased property (in whole or in part) and which are beyond his control, include:

prohibition of certain types of economic activity using leased property, or

prohibition of access of third parties to such property.

Depending on whether you use the property during quarantine to the full extend or not, and on the reasons that led to that, there are three possible options.
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