Business after quarantine: legal advice

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The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has significantly affected companies worldwide. Business owners have to quickly adjust their strategies, to develop anti-crisis plans and to prevent new risks that may appear in the future.

INTEGRITES offers comprehensive legal advice on various legal issues that have become a challenge for businesses in crisis:
labour law and immigration issues
force majeure and contracts
tax law:
tax holidays, fines and penalties, legislation updates
restrictions for economic activities during the quarantine
latest legislation updates, domestic dispute resolution
other legal issues related to the impact of the pandemic on business
Quarantine-related measures introduced in Ukraine


The emergency situation has been declared on the entire territory of Ukraine until 31 December 2020

The quarantine is considered as force majeure

Foreigners and stateless persons can not enter Ukraine without an insurance policy
The Government prohibited:
- mass events including concerts, sports, social, religious, advertising and other events with the participation of more than 20 people;
- cinemas and cultural institutions with more than 50% of seats occupied
- visits to social protection institutions where the elderly are staying
- carriage of passengers more than the number of seats
- visiting institutions of preschool, school, out-of-school and specialized education, if more than 50% of children and staff of the institution are in self-isolation.
- work of cafes, bars, restaurants after 10 pm and until 7 am. Address delivery and takeaway are allowed.
Additionally, from 11 November 2020 to 30 November 30 2020 the Government introduced a "weekend quarantine", by which it restricted:
- reception of visitors by business entities that carry out activities in the field of public catering. Address delivery and takeaway are allowed.
- work of the shopping and entertainment centers and in other establishments of entertaining activity
- reception of visitors by business entities that carry out activities in the field of trade and consumer services
- activity of cultural institutions and holding cultural events, except for the work of legal entities related to the production of audiovisual works, including film and video subject to certain conditions
- reception of visitors in sports halls, fitness centers, pools


The transactions on the import to the Ukrainian customs territory of the medicines and / or medical equipment for the prevention of coronavirus are exempted from value added tax until the last day of month in which the quarantine expires, from import duties until 30th June 2020, as well as the simplified procedure of public procurement applies to these goods until 17th June 2020

It is forbidden for the relevant state authorities to carry out the tax audits and state inspections of the commercial activity until the last day of the moth in which the quarantine expires. No penalties will apply to almost all tax violations committed between 1st March 2020 and the last day of the month in which the quarantine expires with certain exceptions (e.g. tax audits related to VAT refund)

For the period from 1 March 2020 till the last day of the month in which the quarantine expires the taxpayers are released from payment of fines and penalty for violation of tax legislation except for violations related to VAT, excise tax and rent tax and some other

Payers of unified social contribution are also released from fines and penalty for late payment of contribution and late filing of reporting for the period from 1 March 2020 till the last day of the month in which the quarantine expires

There is no charge and payment of the land tax, as well as tax for non-residential real estate from 1st March 2020 until 31th March 2020


An employer may allow an employee to perform work at home for a specified period, and may provide the employee with the vacation under his / her consent (including unpaid vacation) for the whole term of the quarantine

For the foreigners who may not travel abroad or may not apply to the relevant state authorities with an application to extend their stay in Ukraine and / or to exchange a residence permit due to the quarantine, no administrative liability is applied for the violation of the laws if such violation occurred within or as a result of the quarantine

Restrictions for economic activities during the quarantine

providing legal assessment on legitimacy of certain types of economic activities at the national and regional levels

defining the specific list of mandatory quarantine measures for certain types of economic activities depending on their location

assessing and challenging the sanctions imposed by the authorised bodies

optimizing the loan portfolios for business

optimizing terms and conditions of the contracts that include clients' property rights (rent, etc)

drafting manuals on interaction with the regulatory authorities

advising on other issues on compliance with the measures related to quarantine and emergency situation
Quarantine and measures related to the emergency situation in Ukraine have significantly changed the conditions for doing business. Companies have been given many additional obligations and compliance control has been quite strong. The authorized bodies have been increasingly active in filing administrative protocols for violation of the quarantine measures. According to the National Police, the number of such protocols exceeded 3,000 as of 31 March 2020.

However, restrictions imposed on business are not always legal. In many cases they appear unreasonably excessive, and the competition unduly restricted.

The new legal environment became the reason for growing demand on protecting business from over-regulations. Understanding this, we set up a team of lawyers with solid expertise in administrative law to advise clients on the following:
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